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User Management, Roles, Permissions and Player data access

This document describes the various aspect of managing users' access and permissions to the Trackman Portable system:


1 Roles and permissions

2 Setup coach, analyst or scout access

3 Setup player access to their own data 


You can setup and manage system access to the TrackMan Portable system via the Web Portal. Your TrackMan Administrator has been setup with an administrator account and is responsible for creating and managing access for additional users within your organization.


1 Roles and permissions

The TrackMan Portable system supports 6 different roles ("User Types"):

  • "Admin" is the role with (the most) permissions to access all system capabilities and
  • "Other" is the role with (the least) no permissions to access data.

The matrix below explains which role (user-type) has what permissions across the Web Portal and the TrackMan Baseball iOS App:


Only the "Admin" role can create other admin users. You are responsible for ensuring you setup another administrator if/when your primary administrator leaves your organization.

"Admin", "Analyst" and "Coach" can create and edit all non-admin user types. 

2 Setup coach, analyst or scout access

Any person who self-service sign-up and create an account either via the iOS app or the Web-portal will per default have the "Other" role because they have not yet been assigned to your organization. They can access the WebPortal and the App but they will not be able to view any data from your organization. You can link existing user accounts to your organization via the user management section: Select "Add User", enter their email address and select their role accordingly.

You can also invite people who have not yet created an account to join your team by selecting "Add User" as displayed in the below screen. Use this to grant access to coaches, analysts or scouts.


 and then enter their email address and desired user-type/role.


After you complete above steps, the recipient will receive an email invite (see example to the right) and the recipient must accept the invite and create their own password before becoming a member of your organization.

If/when a user forget their password, they can request a password reset via the Web Portal. Here an example of the email invite:

You use the same credentials (email and password) to login to the Web Portal and the TrackMan Baseball iOS App.



On the user management page, you can see the status of previously sent invites, resend an invite, change roles for existing users and/or delete existing users.


3 Setup player access to their own data 

You can also give players access to view their own data either in the Web Portal or in the TrackMan Baseball App. There are two different ways to setup player access - use whichever fits better into your workflow:

  1. Via the player's profile: Go to the Player Management menu, search for your player on your list and tap on the name to open the profile dialog. Select the edit button to edit the profile and then enter (or update) the email address that shall be linked to that profile. NOTE: You can only edit/change email address if the player has not yet activated their account.
  2. Via user management list: Go to the User Management menu, click "+" -> "Add Player", select an existing player profile from the player list in your system and enter their email address.




In both cases the player will receive an email invite and the player must click on the link in the email to accept the invite and create their password. Thereafter players can login to the Web Portal and/or login to the TrackMan Baseball App on their iPad. Players can only view their own ball tracking data and as a result they will only see those sessions in reports/app where they appeared in a session.

NOTE: At this time an account can only be a member of a single organization. If you already have an account and are a member of one organization A and then receive and accept an invite to org B, then you will lose access to org A. Workaround: Use a second email address for invites to multiple organizations.


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