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Trackman Range Debug Mode

Follow the below steps to put the Trackman Range application into debug mode.
1) Login into to a Trackman employee My Trackman account.
2) Go to Profile / Settings
3) Click the Version number at the bottom of the screen 3 times.
4) A pop up will show that says Debug Mode enabled
5) Reset the Trackman Range application
6) Open the application and scroll to the left on the bottom menu bar

With the application in debug mode you test the connection the range server by
preforming the below steps.

     1) Scroll all the way to the left on the debug menu.
     2) Select API
     3) Under Site Server URL enter in the servers relay address. The below example will connect the                     Albany Golf Course.

     4) Select done
     5) On the main screen select Practice on Range
     6) The application will then attempt to connect to the range server.
     7) If an error prompt comes up back out to the main menu.
     8) Select Share Log from the debug menu and mail it to yourself.

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